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The completion of the project, that is the realization of Nikolaos Plastiras' idea, was completed in 1959. The dam, 220m long, held out the waters of Tavropos, which covered the plateau of Nevropolis and created the lake Plastira (Tavropou). Lake's water caters the hydroelectric station of PPC. It also irrigates the plain of Thessaly and supplies with water the city along with 38 towns and villages of the prefecture, and the wider area of Thessaly.

An impressive concrete construction, an elegant arc that seems to embrace the huge mass of lake's water, the dam is a beautiful spot for someone to gaze both at the lake, and the back side of the dam diving at an 83m depth, vertically between the rocks. A little further at the location of Moucha you can admire the fjords of the lake and the small island, Niagka, just across. It is also a chance for shopping since on the one side of the bridge beautiful little shops and stands have been set up by local producers along the dam. On them, stylish souvenirs and local products, such as frumenty, Greek noodles, Greek tsipouro, candies and honey, chalvas, wine, cheese and many other traditional products, are gathered.

Latitude: 39° 14' 9.7578"
Longitude: 21° 44' 45.909"

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