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Plastira’s Museum

At the village Morfovouni, the museum of Plastiras, dedicated to the life and work of the black horseman(as he is called), containing documents, pictures and personal objects, allows the visitor to become familiar with known and unknown aspects of the life of Nikolaos Plastiras.

After many painful efforts, some significant archives referring to N. Plastiras were gained. In particular, the things that became museum's possession were the following:

75 newspapers with headline articles about N.Plastiras and his campaign speeches for the elections in 1951.
123 prewar articles beginning from 1922.
A series of newspapers in one sheet, with articles about N. Plastiras, about "December's-events" and his proclamation as a prime minister in January 1945.
45 caricatures from 1945-50 which depict in a picturesque way the climate of that era.

All this material is exhibited at the Museum and there is a possibility for the caricatures to be published in a special scrapbook.

Since 1994, the Center of Historical Studies "Nikolaos Plastiras" functions at the village of origin of the legendary "black horseman" with a considerable field of activity. The Museum is open every day and is visited by schools, associations and individuals from all over Greece.

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