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Petras Monastery


The Monastery of Petra is located at about four km northwest of the village, at Katafugi of the municipality of Itamos and particularly on the road which leads from Katafugi to the settlement Saint Athanasios of Lampero. Its name is due to a huge extended rock, steeply coming down in the middle of a big, green, woodland area, creating at the same time a grading upon which the Monastery is built. Almost at the bottom of this rock, and at the east side, there is a big natural cave, at the entrance of which there are some signs of curving. There, according to tradition, shepherds of the area faced the miraculous icon of Holy Mary-Guider, apiece created by the evangelist Luke.

The Monastery of Petra- Katafugiou of 1553 is an impressive stone-built temple, in which the mural paintings dated back to 1625 have been successfully preserved. Next to the main temple there are the remains of the 80 two-level-floor cells and of the underground storages which were destroyed in 1968.
There today dwells a brotherhood of monks who are in charge of the renovation of the temple.

Latitude: 39° 16' 9.2994"
Longitude: 21° 48' 40.4892"

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