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Monastery of Korona


The monastery received its name from its location, which is like a Crown, gazing from aloft the fertile plain of Thessaly land from the altitude of almost 800m and located to the east side of Plastiras' lake. It was built by Emperor John Comnenus II, in the early 12th century, when the marvelous icon of Virgin Mary of Korona (crown) was found in a miraculous way.

In the middle of the 16th century, Saint Seraphim, later an archbishop of Fanari and Neochori, who was tortured and had a martyrdom death by the Turks, on December 4, 1601 at the home of his diocese in Fanari, Karditsa, is coming to the monastery in order to become o monk. The end of his body is unknown, but his Holy bones are kept in the Monastery of Korona, whose remains a protector and patron saint.

The monastery is located next to the village Mesenikolas, which is 22 km far from the city of Karditsa.

Telephone: +3024410 22250

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