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Botanical Garden


In approximately 1.5 km north of Neochori, heading to Kalyvia Pezoulas there is on our right hand a road sign that leads us to the Botanical Garden after a short distance.

This is an area of 1 hectare in which part of elements of flora the wider area of the lake, and generally of Greece, is gathered and classified.

The Botanical Garden receives every year a large number of visitors, either students in place of environmental education or a number of other groups, or even individual visitors who want to gain more and specific information in relation to the flora of the region.

The Botanical Garden is open the whole year. Guests have the opportunity to be showed around, buy aromatic plants and herbs, drink coffee and refreshments, or take a short walk to the lake which is just 50m away.

Telephone: +306973999013.

Latitude: 39°17'22.509"
Longitude: 21°44'19.4892"

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