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The completion of the project, that is the realization of Nikolaos Plastiras' idea, was completed in 1959. The dam, 220m long, held out the waters of Tavropos, which covered the plateau of Nevropolis and created the lake Plastira (Tavropou). Lake's water caters the hydroelectric station of PPC. It also irrigates the plain of Thessaly and supplies with water the city along with 38 towns and villages of the prefecture, and the wider area of Thessaly.

Observation Tower


At the observation tower, one can undoubtedly enjoy the most charming picture of the lake. Arriving at the Observation tower all eyes are left lost on the watery surface of the lake, with the fjords and its verdant island.

Monastery of Korona


The monastery received its name from its location, which is like a Crown, gazing from aloft the fertile plain of Thessaly land from the altitude of almost 800m and located to the east side of Plastiras' lake. It was built by Emperor John Comnenus II, in the early 12th century, when the marvelous icon of Virgin Mary of Korona (crown) was found in a miraculous way.

Agrafa’s Mountain Shelter


Agrafa's Mountain Shelter is located at an altitude of 1.536m in the area Karamanoli. It is a well-organized shelter which is housed in a stone-wall building of modern requirements, fully equipped and capable of accommodating. It offers the main facilities, such as central heating, fireplace, bunk beds, blankets, kitchen, toilet, hot water, shower, dining and cooking facilities. It also has a comfortable dining room and is able accommodate up to 30 people.

Botanical Garden


In approximately 1.5 km north of Neochori, heading to Kalyvia Pezoulas there is on our right hand a road sign that leads us to the Botanical Garden after a short distance.

The Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti


The Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti, a dashing post-Byzantine monument is built on a steep and high cliff (1400m.) of Pindos, one kilometer northwest of the village Karitsa. Tradition says that it is called "Pelekiti" because the construction of the monastery on the almost vertical rock firstly required the chiseling of the rock with wooden tools, an action indicated by Holy Mary, who appeared to the dream of the craftsmen saying: "You will chisel the rock with the cutter and you will build a church that you will name Panagia Pelekiti".

Plastira’s Museum

At the village Morfovouni, the museum of Plastiras, dedicated to the life and work of the black horseman(as he is called), containing documents, pictures and personal objects, allows the visitor to become familiar with known and unknown aspects of the life of Nikolaos Plastiras.

Fire Lookout Station of Kastania


At an altitude of 1.081m, at the summit of Tsuka, next to the village of Kastania there is a fire lookout station which is worth visiting. The view of the lake from this point is indescribable as the fjords and the forests of the region create a fantastic synthesis while the access to the place is rather easy.

Petras Monastery


The Monastery of Petra is located at about four km northwest of the village, at Katafugi of the municipality of Itamos and particularly on the road which leads from Katafugi to the settlement Saint Athanasios of Lampero. Its name is due to a huge extended rock, steeply coming down in the middle of a big, green, woodland area, creating at the same time a grading upon which the Monastery is built. Almost at the bottom of this rock, and at the east side, there is a big natural cave, at the entrance of which there are some signs of curving. There, according to tradition, shepherds of the area faced the miraculous icon of Holy Mary-Guider, apiece created by the evangelist Luke.

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