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Food & Drink

The cookery of the area has the general characteristics of Thessaly's kitchen. Tasty without excesses in spices, allows the visitor to distinguish the pure ingredients and herbs that are used. Combine your trip to Lake Plastira with a complete meal in our restaurants and traditional taverns. In most of them you will enjoy breathtaking views, a warm and pleasant atmosphere for the most unforgettable gastronomic delights, an ideal combination for the lovers of good food and nature. The more companion-like taverns, in which homemade food and local delicacies will surprise your palate, are also of much interest. The cuisine is of great quality with fresh and pure ingredients for a perfect result that will not disappoint anyone. The menu includes meat cooked over charcoal, casserole food, unique recipes, food from haunting and fresh fish from the lake Plastira.

Plastiras Lake, and the surrounding area, is known for her special local products. It is worth tasting wine and tsipouro and visit local distilleries or taste wines of small producers. Also taste honey from local producers, candies from the Association of Women of Plastiras Lake and pies from the delicatessens.

We recommend

  • AGNANTI Restaurant - Cafe, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093190-1, www.limniplastirahotels.gr

  • AMPIA Cafe - Bar, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092127,

  • ANERADES Traditional Cafe, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441092168, www.anerades.gr

  • ARTEMIS Cafe - Bar, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093444, www.artemishostel.gr

  • ΚAZARMA LAKE RESORT & SPA Restaurant, area: Kalivia Filaktis, tel.: +302441092290, www.kazarma.gr

  • KAPILIO Tavern - Fresher, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092796,

  • KELEPOURIS ΑΕΝΑΟ Tavern, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093207, www.aenao-hotel.gr

  • KLIMATARIA Tavern - Restaurant, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092027, www.klimatargia.gr

  • KORKOTARAS Tavern - Restaurant, area: Filakti, tel.: +302441092268,

  • MANITARI Tavern - Cafe, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093322, www.manitari-limniplastira.gr

  • NAIADES Restaurant - Cafe - Bar, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093333, www.naiades.gr

  • NEVROS HOTEL RESORT & SPA Restaurant, Cafe - Bar, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093201, www.nevros.gr

  • OINANTHI Cafe - Bar, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092966, www.aiolides.gr

  • ONEIRON AKRI Restaurant, area: Kastania, tel.: +3024410941555, www.oneironakri.gr

  • PEZOULA Cafe - Bar, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092448, www.pezoula.gr

  • PETRINO Tavern - Fresher, area: Lampero,

  • PLAZ LAMPEROU Tavern - Fresher, area: Lampero, tel.: +302441094114,

  • PLAZ PEZOULAS Tavern - Fresher, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092477,

  • PLASTIRAS Restaurant, area: Neraida, tel.: +302441092460, www.plastirashotel.gr

  • CHRISOPELIA Cafe - Bar, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441022651, www.xrisopelia.gr

Who We Are

This is the official website of all businesses in the wider area of Lake Plastira.

  • Is this the first time you visit our area and have questions?
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Contact with us and we will inform you for everything concerning the wider area of Lake Plastira.