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The massif of the prefecture and especially Plastiras Lake, consist a getaway destination for thousands of visitors each season of the year as it offers a variety of opportunities for more or less "mild" action. The towering mountain peaks of Agrafa are ideal for climbing and the mountainsides for hiking and skiing.

The geomorphology with its steep slopes is perfect for air sports, climbing, walking in ravines and other activities. The paths around the lake are ideal for mountain biking, horse-riding, hiking etc. The deep-blue waters of the lake are ideal for relaxation and recreation. Particularly on the west side, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and other activities.

Visitors also have the opportunity to go horse-riding just before Krioneri and practice shooting at the firing range of Neraida. They can also practice archery, rent mountain-bikes, water-bikes, canoes, wind-surfs and other equipment for lake sports, go for a swim or rod-fishing, near Pezoula and Botanical Garden.

We recommend

  • ATHLOESSA Tours - Sports in nature, tel.: +302431087964, +306977451953, www.trekkingpindos.gr

  • SALOON ZABETAS Horse riding, Archery, Canoeing, Waterbikes, area: 22ο kml. Karditsa - Kerasia, tel.: +302441092855

  • TAVROPOS Activity Center, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092552 www.tavropos.com

  • Trekking Hellas West Thessaly, Activities in nature, area: Plaz Pezoulas, tel.: +306973505823

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