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It is certain that the beauty of the lake in combination with your stay at the lodgings of the area will make your days really beautiful, whichever season of the year you will choose to visit Lake Plastira. The lodgings of the area, in a peaceful green environment, are ready to offer their hospitality to you and your company. It is an ideal haven of tranquility, beauty and relaxation away from the stress of the city. The warmth and care that you will receive from the local people will complete your holiday on Lake Plastira with the best way.

You will find a satisfying number of accommodation that suit to every taste and which are offered in the villages that surround the lake. There are hotels and contemporarily equipped settings, with rooms that serve your needs in the best way and offer you ideal conditions for a pleasant stay, and there are also traditional guesthouses perfectly matched with the romantic background of the area, that are harmonized with the spirit of simplicity. However, these are not always enough to cover the crowded days of holiday. Thus, the reservation of your accommodation in advance, is required.

We recommend

  • AGNANTI - ANATOLI Hotel, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093190-1, www.limniplastirahotels.gr

  • AGRAFA Pension, area: Kerasia, tel.: +302441092945,

  • AIOLIDES Furhished Apartments, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092966, www.aiolides.gr

  • AKROLIMNIA Pension, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092495, www.akrolimnia.gr

  • ANDROMEDA Hotel, area: Krioneri, tel.: +302441092896,

  • ANERADES Furhished Apartments, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093168, www.anerades.gr

  • ARTEMIS Hostel, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093444, www.artemishostel.gr

  • ADAMOMA Pension, area: Kalivia Filaktis, tel.: +302441092915, www.adamoma.gr

  • ELPIDA Rooms, area: Kalivia Filaktis, tel.: +302441500506, www.elpida-rooms.gr

  • ESPERIA Hotel, area: Krioneri, tel.: +302441092933, www.esperiahotel-plastira.gr

  • ΚAZARMA LAKE RESORT & SPA Hotel, area: Kalivia Filaktis, tel.: +302441092290, www.kazarma.gr

  • KELEPOURIS ΑΕΝΑΟ Furhished Apartments, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093207, www.aenao-hotel.gr

  • KINTHIA Pension, area: Neochori, tel.: +306986052731, www.kinthia.gr

  • MEGDOVAS Hotel, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092377 www.megdovas.gr

  • MELIMNIA Pension, area: Krioneri, tel.: +302441092895, www.gianniki.gr

  • MITSIOPOULOU Pension, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093353, www.plastiraslake.gr

  • MPALAKOSTAS Pension, area: Krioneri, tel.: +302441092894,

  • NAIADES Hotel, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093333, www.naiades.gr

  • ODISSEAS Hotel, area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092988, www.odysseashotel.com

  • ONEIRON AKRI Hotel, area: Kastania, tel.: +3024410941555, www.oneironakri.gr

  • OREIADES Pension, area: Krioneri, tel.: +302441092896, www.limni-plastira.gr

  • PANDION Hotel, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441093440, www.pandion.gr

  • PEZOULA Hotel , area: Kalivia Pezoulas, tel.: +302441092448, www.pezoula.gr

  • PLASTIRAS Hotel, area: Neraida, tel.: +302441092460, www.plastirashotel.gr

  • TITAGION Hotel, area: Lampero, tel.: +302441094660, www.hoteltitagion.gr

  • CHRISOPELIA Pension, area: Neochori, tel.: +302441022651, www.xrisopelia.gr

Who We Are

This is the official website of all businesses in the wider area of Lake Plastira.

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Contact with us and we will inform you for everything concerning the wider area of Lake Plastira.